torsdag 4 februari 2016

Inactive Kill Lilith

The game Kill Lilith is too big for one-man-work. Now, I am working with a new and small game. It's better and contains less bugs. Better design and many sex scenes. I look forward to public the small game.

But kill lilith will eventually be back but I have to decide which design in the game. It doesnt work if it currenly contains both vector art and "realistic" art while "unrealistic" art for example no shadow so it looks very ugly.

Sex scene is also a problem in kill lilith. There are two standards to create a sex scene.
1. Draw every picture. Advantage of the method -  it looks smooth and less waste of time. But a lots of memory.
2. Draw a picture first and do body parts. Put the body parts and change their angle so it results in a sex but more rigid and fixed motion. Advantage of the method is of course less memory.

The 2 is tested. It sucks. Really worthless and time-consuming. Took like 1-2 weeks to complete ONLY a sex scene. It is not hard to create 10-15 sex scenes with the alternative 1. But I compare the memory so the method 1 is 10 times more memory-consuming than the 2...

Finally, I will take the method 1 instead of 2. But it requires lots of planning in order to reduce memory.

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