torsdag 23 juni 2016

Man vs the running women

My game came out yesterday and it was a really fun experience. Hope you like the game! I would be happy to hear your constructive critique. Especially, it is my first game if we don’t count my kill Lilith, which is too big for me sadly. I like unique games and new concepts. The game can be surprising and maybe too much.

 I have learnt so much and my understanding of animations and techniques has been much better – I will draw in traditional art next time. I don’t like digital techniques – it is clumsy and a waste of time. I look forward to creating a new and awesome game. Then, I will put colors digitally but I have found some good and effective techniques of putting colors and the animations will be better. I am excited!

Some suggestions with new game:

* Dating game with fun reward system, minigames and a little bit of fantasy – A school boy has a birthday and become 18-years old but it is not his normal birthday. He moves to a new and weird town in order to attend a college. Some strange things and enigmas happen there. The animations will be like “hentai-movie” – Big and high-quality pictures and we can see more details.

* Sexy game of pokemons. It is really a crazy idea. We play a boy as “Ash or something” and he is an adult obviously. He has a big goal! He wants to catch all pokemons or also known as “sexemons”! Sexemons are special because they have "sexual" attack techniques. He also will challenge some professional women.

I think I prefer “Dating game”. The game of pokemons is too risky. All pokemons have sex together and it will result in so many, many sex animations. Five characters will result in combination of sex scenes 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 15 sex animations. It is too much when it is only five.

Your suggestions are welcome.

Happy Hentai!

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  1. So i just bough your game and i wasnwondering how to play it

    1. Hm. Can you tell more? What mean you by "how to play". Contact me by email - and I can show you my gameplay video.