måndag 30 november 2015

Kill Lilith in development

This blog is far from finished but I have not prioritizied the blog, considering the game is still in development. The first alpa version 1.0.1 has released today. I'm really excited and hoping that you like my game. :)

I want to talk about the next version. Unfortunately, my hobby is well limited. In other words, it is likely going to take lots of times to release the next version. We'll see. Like I said, I want to take up some points about the next version.

I'm planning to do some feathures for example -

  • More wizard clothes
  • More bloody spells
  • 2h weapons
  • Critial strike and block rate
  • Optimize the stat intellence
  • Town portal
  • Waypoint like diablo 2
  • New animations to Efos - armor and helm. Currently, there are only shield and weapon.
  • Better attacking animations for example iron mace or long iron sword. They are too slow and ugly.
  • Better map system

New sex scene? It takes least 1-2 weeks to complete a scene.
New level? Not sure how much time but it will take plenty of time.
Gemscrafting? Awesome, right? ;)
A little bit of the story?

Happy gaming! (My english is not so well. I would appreciate if you help me.)

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